Autumn Eyes

Woop woop it’s the weekend. And its time to get my glam on.  So here are some current products I have been using to make them peepers look gorgeous.




So the top swatch is a MAC PIGMENT in BRASH & BOLD this can be used as an eye shadow, blusher or as a lipstick (just mix with a clear gloss).  I’ve had this for a while now and not even made a dent in it, it will last you ages.  I either apply this all over the lid or to make it a little more dramatic I add a dark colour usually black to the outer corner then add black liner.

Next is a new shadow for me from MOTIVES in SWEET PLUM this is an American brand but can be bought over here.  I love this colour I think it is going to be my go to eye shadow.  It is nicely pigmented and applies lovely it has a metallic sheen to it which also makes it pop.  I use a MAC 239 when applying this shadow.

We then have another MAC shadow in BROWN SCRIPT again love it. I usually just apply this to the crease and blend it out using a MAC 217 or a SIGMA BLENDING – E25 brush (sigma brushes are my fav).  This also makes a good transitional colour and looks good on all eye colours.

And lastly we have MAYBELLINE COLOR TATTOO in METALLIC POMEGRANATE. This is very similar in colour to the MOTIVES eye shadow but this has more of a gold sheen to it.  I apply this using my fingers as it is a cream eye shadow and blends well and can be built up.

Hope you enjoyed reading and have a fab weekend.  If you want any more info just let me know in the comments 🙂

Love nico b






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