Autumn is my favourite time of the year I love everything about it.  So its time to put away the pastels and bring out the autumnal colours. Even though the weather can’t seem to make up its mind up!

Here are a few I’m loving….


These are all Barry M nail polishes (stating the obvious I know) which are a really good price at £2.99 to £4.99 depending on which kind you get (and are usually on offer in Superdrug or Boots).  These seem to be the only ones that don’t chip on my nails.  I’ve used all different makes of nail polishes from CHANEL at £18.00 to MISS SPORTY at £1.99 but these seem to be the best for my nails which are quite oily.  And they have such a wide range of colours which is great but not so great when I end up buying 6 nearly every time I go into the shop!

I love the shape of the bottle which helps with easy storage they lie compact with each other which me and my OCD like 🙂  The brush is quite thin with long bristles which is ok but I do prefer a fatter brush more for quickness of doing my nails rather than anything else.

I don’t have a preference with either the Nail Paint ones or the Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paints I think there are both good and I never use a top coat because they are shiny enough.


I used INDIGO 312 and then GOLD GLITTER 339 as an accent colour.  I like this combination together.  But I suggest a trip to the gym before you attempt to get the gold glitter off because it took me absolutely ages.  I had muscles like Popeye by the time I had finished.  I used 2 coats of the INDIGO and 3 coats of the GOLD GLITTER (which is probably why I couldn’t get it off!)


This is CAPPUCINO 341.  This is not as vibrant as the others but still a nice colour for Autumn.  I don’t think this will suit all skin colours as it can be insipid on paler skin.  Again I used 2 coats which I do with any nail varnish to guarantee an even coverage.


This is a Gelly Hi-Shine in PLUM 1 and shine it does have!  It is lovely and shiny and doesn’t need a top coat.


My favourite colour for anytime of the year has to be this one RASBERRY 273.  The colour is actually deeper than is showing up on the picture and I think would suit any skin colour.


So we are finally at the end of my AUTUMN NAIL VARNISHES.  So I saved my best till last.  And this is not a Barry M varnish (*gasps*) this is OPI in LINCOLN PARK AFTER DARK.  I do like OPI but because my nails always chip after only wearing any nail varnish for hours (unless I have acrylic nails on which I do in the pictures) I rarely buy anything more expensive than £3.99.

I love the brush on this polish because it is wider.  You could get away with wearing just one coat but sometimes it can be thinner in places so I do my trusty 2 coats.

(Rings are from TopShop.  Aren’t they cute!?!)

Have a fab weekend guys and hope you enjoyed reading my post.  Let me know in the comments what you thought and if you have any good varnish recommendations.

nico b


2 thoughts on “AUTUMN NAILS!

    • Hi rachel
      It is a lovely colour. Id go for a silver glittery colour that would look lovely as an accent colour or maybe a lighter colour but keeping it in the purple colour family xx

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